How the NRS POS Helps Hardware Stores Succeed

There are lots of nuts, bolts and screws that go into running a mom-and-pop hardware store, business-wise and literally.

There are tools and supplies lining the shelves, including aisles full of fasteners. Hundreds of these large and small items alike have their own UPC. This is why hardware stores absolutely need to invest in strong, multi-faceted Point of Sale (POS) systems like those provided by National Retail Solutions (NRS) to keep businesses more organized and running smoothly.

Hardware stores that rely on manually inputting UPC numbers and prices into the register waste an inordinate amount of time, use of personnel and, ultimately, money. It is a huge task to enter UPC numbers, especially as new merchandise comes in. Store Owners could run their business, including freeing up personnel time, much more efficiently with an automated POS system that acts as the heartbeat of business operations.

For instance, a top-of-the-line NRS POS system can easily scan all items electronically and upload them into a price book. This makes checkout a snap. Without a POS system, employees are left trying to read small UPC numbers on items like screws, nuts and bolts as long lines and frustrated customers eager to get home and start their home improvement projects back up the lines. Due to this inefficient process, your store receives a bad reputation for customer service and will potentially lose customers. Remember, your independently owned stores attract people who eschew the long lines and chaos at a large chain store. They expect the opposite experience at an independently owned shop.

With scanning items through a sophisticated, accurate POS system, some hardware store owners will only need to hire one cashier instead of two. This can save the store a lot of money. With a POS system cutting down staff time, employees can be focusing on other, helpful tasks such as stocking shelves and having a floor presence to help customers, leading them straight to the product rather than a cashier telling a patron to go to an aisle with no other specifics. Shoppers will love the human touch and your store will garner a reputation as being worth the trip over a big-box hardware store.

The NRS POS system offers very approachable hardware, software and add-on features, such as real-time inventory tracking. Merchants, whether they’re in the store or not, can easily track sales and inventory, gaining quick knowledge at a speed previously unavailable. With the help of advanced analytics. They can then decide what needs to be ordered – and when – so that shelves stay full with items customers want. This way there’s no saying the dreaded “we don’t have it in stock” to customers or items customers don’t want taking up valuable shelf space and gathering dust.

Business owners can also look at data from years past to know what items sell during which seasons. For example, they examine trends of what types of outside lawn equipment and treatments sell during spring and summer and the most popular items for winterizing shacks, sheds and other outdoor items during fall and winter. The NRS remote POS system, through its merchant portal, also gives storeowners the ability to check the schedule to see who’s working on a given day, and for how many hours. It makes it easier, as well, to electronically administer payroll.

A valuable add-on offered by NRS to its POS system is a special, government ID age-verification compliance scanner, through which the cashier can instantly verify a shopper’s age with just a quick scan, without slowing down to visually examine the ID. This is very helpful for stores that sell restricted products such as flammables including certain types of spray paint, specialized tools, knives and more.

NRS is the leading national provider of POS systems and NRS Pay credit card processing for small to mid-sized, independently-owned hardware stores, groceries, alcohol establishments, tobacco shops and gas station c-stores. NRS was built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, honesty and superb customer service. Merchants looking for troublesome fine print in contract agreements won’t find any, because NRS is always up-front and stands by its commitment to excellence and transparency.

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