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Convenience stores across the United States always want new ways to meet their customers’ need for fast, convenient service. At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we want to help small businesses provide the same services as national chains at a price they can afford. Thanks to the BR Club App, your independent business can give your customers the amenities they deserve. The BR Club online ordering app lets customers order from your online store! The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your NRS POS and sorts them into categories. The app also helps new customers find your store using store locator tools. Customers can then order from your store and pick up their order when it’s ready for fast and easy checkout.

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Available for Thousands of Stores Nationwide

When you add your business to the BR Club app for customers, you join a network of thousands of small stores like yours. Every company that uses the BR Club app appears in the app’s store directory. Your customers can choose from their favorite local businesses in just a few taps. They can also find stores in other parts of the country.
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Easy Product Browsing

Once a customer chooses your business through the store app, they can look at your available inventory. The BR Club app lets customers quickly browse through your online store by sorting all of your products into categories. They can then add products to their cart as they look through your available items. Ordering becomes a snap with the app’s simple user interface.

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Choose Pickup Day and Time

After adding the items they want to their cart, your customer can finish their order by scheduling a pickup. You can set your hours of operation so that they can see the times they can come to get their items. The customer picks a date and a time themselves, so you’ll both know when they need their order. Now that they have their visit arranged, they can finish ordering – it’s as simple as that!
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Hit the Road ASAP

The BR Club App will tell you what items your customer requested and when they want them. You can put together their order any time before the pickup time. When your customer arrives at your store, you can give them their items and send them on their way. Thanks to our app, the shopping and selling experience becomes fast and simple. Your customers will love this simplified shopping experience. Benefits for Small Business Owners We designed BR Club to help small businesses like convenience stores and delis keep up with the competition. Our team believes that everyone should have an equal chance at success. To help our customers compete with chain stores, when you buy the NRS POS, you also get your online store on the BR Club app included. With our app on your side, you can:
  • Increase your number of sales with little extra effort
  • Attract customers who love convenient shopping
  • Save time usually spent on ringing up orders
  • Compete with big chain stores
Other online ordering services bankrupt small business with exorbitant marketing. Plus they make you do a lot of work to get your menu and products up on their websites. The BR Club app charges an industry-low merchant fee of 5% per order. Moreover, once you’ve scanned your products onto the POS, the BR Club app does all of the work for you to create your online store. Your business can grow like never before when you work with National Retail Solutions, Inc. and the BR Club app.
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Exclusive to POS+ From National Retail Solutions, Inc.

Integration with the BR Club app comes free with our POS+ point-of-sale (POS) system. POS+ lets you manage your inventory, sales, promotions, Boss Revolution, and BR Club services. Stores that become part of the BR Club can give their customers special discounts and list their business on the online ordering app. To learn more about POS+, request an online quote today.

Available On Get The My NRS Store App in The App Store Get The My NRS Store App on Google Play