Save Time and Money With a POS

Did you know that buying a POS (point of sale) system saves you money over time? While you need to make an initial investment, you more than earn back the money you spend on it due to increased business efficiency. You also can’t underestimate the time you get back when you use a POS to make your job easier. Our POS+ system helps our customers get the most out of their work by lowering costs and raising profits.

Money and Time Savings

POS systems help you cut costs and lower your risk of overspending on inventory. Moreover, using your time well lets you earn more profits throughout the day, and POS+ saves you a lot of time with easy-to-use business management tools. The below list of POS benefits outlines how a POS can increase your business efficiency and help you maximize profits at your retail business.

Expert Inventory Management

POS+ has an inventory tracking system that allows you to keep an eye on how much inventory you have left of every product in your store. You enter the initial number of products you have, and POS+ counts how many of them you sell. When you are running low on inventory you will see an alert on your POS letting you know that it is time to buy more. This way you’ll never miss an opportunity to restock your shelves with the most popular items.

Detailed Sales Reports

sales A POS system such as POS+ records your sales with in-depth reports. You can use the sales report tool to track which departments sell the most items, and which items sell best on each day of the week. POS+ lets you see the sales that happen during every employee shift so you can track how your employees are performing and make sure that all of the money from their shifts has been collected. Plus, when you need to pay taxes, you get an accurate summary of your profits and expenses.

A Better Checkout Experience for You and Your Customers

The tools included in the POS+ system give you everything you need for fast checkouts. You can scan any labeled item with a scanner instead of entering every price by hand. Anything that doesn’t have a label can have a one-click button that automatically adds it to a sale. Our optional EMV card reader creates an even faster process. Your employees save time checking out customers, and your customers enjoy the efficient checkout experience.

Everything in One Place

electronic When you buy POS+, you get all the software and equipment you need to manage your sales. Everything comes from one supplier, so they work together without extra setup. We even make it easy to integrate tools you already own, like scales. However, you don’t have to get any additional equipment if you don’t want to — the POS+ bundle comes with the essential items like a cash drawer and receipt printer.

Discover Your Return on Investment

With a reasonable cost and payment plans, anyone can afford to invest in POS+. To see your profits go up, buy our POS+ system now or request a quote for add-ons.