How to Get a Food Service License

Imagine strolling into your restaurant before it opens, fresh food being prepared, servers cleaning the establishment to a high standard, and everything is where it is supposed to be. Clients flood into your restaurant, hungry for your cuisine, and servers are doing their best to serve as many customers as they can. Your restaurant is running smoothly but before you serve up that first entree, you need to make sure you have a food license.

A food license is important to have in any store that serves food or else you could face hefty fines and a temporary shutdown until they have the appropriate documents. A food service license allows you to legally provide food and beverages to consumers. You’ll probably need a few different sorts of licenses depending on the type of food service operation you have. To figure out how to acquire a license, you must first figure out how to get one in your state. You first need to go to your local health department to get an application. You will need to provide the kitchen’s address, contact information and the owner of the establishment. Once you have your license you will need to get a health inspection.

Cost of Food Licenses

A health inspection is critical in any restaurant because it determines if your food is safe enough to eat, your establishment is clean enough for food, and if it is worth keeping your restaurant open. A food inspector will come in and see if your restaurant is up to par even with your employees. The FDA has also specific training courses for employees to make sure they know how to handle proper sanitation practices, food storage, and food handling, to avoid spreading food-borne disease. You may have to google your state and type in “employee health permit” for more information.

With all of this in mind, licenses, regulations, and training may be costly, and small company owners may not be able to afford them. A food license can cost $100 to $1,000 and training can also double with the amount of employees you have. Luckily, National Retail Solutions (NRS), can help small to mid-sized, independently owned food establishments, coffee shops, groceries and mini-marts, and include approachable solutions such as its NRS Plus cash advance program.

The NRS cash advances are easier to apply for than trying to obtain a bank loan. There’s no fine print or hidden fees that lead to interest rates which aren’t formulated solely on credit scores. NRS cash advances can be used for multiple aspects of running a store. For instance, small business owners can use part of a cash advance to cover food service licensing and permitting fees and put away another portion for a rainy day fund. Bank loans, on the other hand, stipulate specific, and oftentimes rigid uses for a loan.

Finally, do your homework before starting your restaurant or grocery shop. You want to double-check that you’ve done all you’re meant to do every step of the way. When it comes to costs, NRS will assist you in overcoming the cost of obtaining a food license. Now that you have all the tools you need, it is time to put your skills to the test!

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