Benefits of NRS Petro to Meet EMV Compliance Regulations

NRS Petro

Yet another EMV regulation, this one with a potentially massive price tag, is coming to gas stations in the United States in April 2021. Fortunately, National Retail Solutions (NRS) has the most cost-effective solution available to meet EMV compliance guidelines: NRS Petro POS, NRS Forecourt Controller, NRS EMV EZ Pump and NRS Pay. With this system, NRS ensures that gas station owners can conveniently forego costly manufacturer upgrades and retrofits to their pumps while adhering to EMV the April 2021 deadline, which can also help reduce fraud.

The new EMV compliance deadline states that gas stations must have EMV credit card readers at the pump to accept chips. Swipes alone will no longer be sufficient. Those who fail to comply by the deadline will no longer be protected for fraud and charge backs. The banks and networks pay for those chargebacks and fraud today. The onerous prospect of rebuilding or retrofitting pumps, complete with digging and construction work that can keep one of your pumps offline, if not your entire service station, is more than a little disturbing. For service stations, especially those independently owned and operated, prolonged downtime means hemorrhaging profits.

This is where the NRS Petro steps in. NRS Petro l POS uses new technology to upgrade pumps for EMV compliance rather than time-consuming and expensive pump replacement or manufacturer retrofitting, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.

There are added benefits to choosing NRS Petro as well. NRS Petro will provide the NRS Petro POS that allows gas stations with minimarts to integrate their store sales. So stations can ring people up for what they pay in the store as well as at the pump. This includes a tobacco scan program with ID license scanning for age verification.

NRS Petro also provides free credit card equipment and its recognized, competitive low rates for 24/7, one-touch POS shopping. Plus, NRS Petro cannot only greatly reduce costs for complying with the new Gas Pump EMV rules in April 2021; it can also increase profits. Reducing time spent at the gas station makes for a happier customer, and a happier customer will become a loyal customer.