How Businesses Can Benefit from Offering Parcel Pick Up and Drop Off (PUDO) Services

The huge shift to consumer online shopping from traditional in-store purchases is exploding and will only expand. More and more people switched to online shopping due to the pandemic and have grown to rely on its convenience, competitive pricing and quick delivery. The statistics are astounding. According to, online shopping sales are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023, over 70 percent revenue growth from 2019.

One big draw to online shopping is the availability of free shipping and free, no-hassle returns through the use of Pick Up and Drop Off sites (PUDOpoint) at local businesses as free delivery and returns are not offered by all online retailers. Especially during the economic downturn, every dollar saved counts, and that money can add up quickly for people that shop exclusively online or quite often.

To that end, many stores across the USA now provide PUDO service. A store of any size can take advantage of the vast benefits of PUDO. It is much more convenient for customers to walk to their local grocery or convenience store to pick up or drop off parcels, than to drive to a larger place of business. Consumers that use a store for retrieving or dropping off packages are likely to buy items while there, increasing revenue generation for merchants. Businesses that offer PUDO will also be seen as providing a service to the community, further bolstering their reputations and gaining new and loyal customers.

PUDOpoints at independent, small to mid-sized businesses, in partnership with National Retail Solutions (NRS) are increasing valuable foot traffic at mom-and-pop, groceries, convenience stores, service station mini-marts, alcohol and liquor establishments, and hardware stores.

There are strong benefits for customers to use PUDO. By having packages delivered to their doorstep, people who are not home risk their items being stolen by porch pirates. These shameless criminals swoop down on porches, steps, and lobbies and foyers to pilfer your packages while you’re at work or even at home. Porch piracy is on the rise. According to PracticalEcommerce, a study found that 43 percent of people surveyed had experienced package theft. Using a PUDOpoint location for receiving online purchases practically eliminates the possibility of falling victim to porch piracy.

Many of the areas that NRS services are urban, where porch piracy is especially prevalent. For instance, the New York Times reported that an astounding 90,000 packages daily disappear in New York City. Therefore, being able to head to the trusted local bodega, convenience or grocery store, a trip that would normally be made for groceries and other items anyway, is a convenient means of receiving and sending packages without worry.

NRS customers who sign up for PUDO will be listed online as expedient Pick Up, Drop Off locations, increasing these businesses’ marketability. As always with National Retail Solutions (NRS) partner and affiliate programs, signing up to be a PUDOpoint location is an easy, uncomplicated process with no fine print or hidden fees.