Best Promotions for Small Business

You’ve just had your store’s grand opening and curious customers have flocked in, getting your business off to a great start. They’ll all be back and it’ll be a great success – or so you think. Well, not necessarily! Don’t be lured into false confidence. The toughest part of the journey of an independent owner of a small to mid-sized establishment begins with the grand opening and continues with retaining those customers, drawing in new shoppers and turning everyone into loyal, repeat consumers.

There are many ways for merchants to attract people to their business and turn customers into dedicated shoppers. It doesn’t have to involve tedious, manual work. Choosing a Point of Sale (POS) system like that provided by National Retail Solutions (NRS), that integrates and processes many store promotions, is key to running your business smoothly and efficiently.

With the NRS POS, proprietors can sign up for various, affordable Premium Features, which include loyalty programs to attract and retain consumers. For example, retailers can offer first-time shoppers a coupon – physical or digital – at checkout for their next visit. These can be for a discount for their next purchase or a buy-one-get-one-free promo. If a store owner wants to be ambitious, they can offer two coupons; one for the customer and one to give to a friend.

With sophisticated POS systems such as the unit sold by NRS, merchants can also issue gift cards or store credit. These make great gifts and if they’re given to people unaware of the business then the business may have just gained a new, potential repeat customer. There are also special customer clubs in which the POS tracks sales by customer, in essence keeping a tab on them. When a customer buys, say, 10 items, they’re entitled to a percent off or free next purchase. Smart POS systems can also track customer store credits in lieu of refunds. And in general, the POS can keep a running Customer Tab, so that customers can come in to purchase, even without their actual wallet.

By maintaining a customer database, merchants can send out coupons for special seasonal deals. For instance, the store owner can send out coupons for home improvement products during spring and fall, bathing suits and beach towels in summer and glove warmers and blankets during the winter months.

Choosing a quality POS system is well worth the return on investment from promotions and other offers that retain existing patrons and attract new customers. Obtaining the right POS for your store is a crucial decision not to be taken lightly. Do your research before signing up for a POS system. Don’t settle on the first one you see or a friend’s recommendation. Opt for one that offers you more than just checking out your customers. Go for one that also helps you attract customers and keep them loyal.

There’s a reason why NRS is the leading provider of POS systems nationwide to independently owned bodegas, grocery, hardware, liquor, tobacco and gas station c-stores. The company was created with a foundation of honesty, integrity, transparency and superb customer service.

NRS customer service representatives are experts in the field and know every nook and cranny of the business. To serve urban centers, customer service is offered in English or Spanish. NRS is a forward-thinking company always listening to its customers’ feedback and adding to its network; new, revenue-generating features which get automatically updated with each POS release.

Once a business owner comes onboard, they become a member of the NRS family. NRS is dedicated to their success at every level. With a robust Refer-A-Friend program, National Retail Solutions offers its customers even more ways to make money by referring POS, NRS Pay, EBT Unlimited!, NRSPetro, Funding and more. To learn more about NRS and how it can greatly improve your store’s profits, call (833) 289-2767.