Why You Should Hire Millennials for Your Small Business

More than one-third of American workers are part of the millennial generation. As the hiring manager for a small business, you likely see plenty of people in their 20’s and 30’s applying for a job, but you might worry that the stereotypes about younger adults have some truth to them. It turns out that millennials have unique strengths like any other generation. If an applicant’s age makes you hesitate, remember these benefits of hiring millennials.

Natural Skills in Technology and Social Media

Millennials grew up at the same time that companies invented computers and smartphones. Most of them understand how to use business technology. When they don’t, they know where to find instructions. They also go on social media and the internet for fun, so they can help you learn how to use these tools to improve your business. A millennial employee has the digital knowledge needed to tackle many small business technology challenges.

Adaptable to the Challenges Brought in Small Businesses

A small business employee needs to understand how to adapt to change. They also often have to do more than one kind of job. Millennials don’t have as many past employers as older adults, so they can learn new ways of thinking in the workplace. Many of your millennial applicants also dealt with the Great Recession and its aftermath. When you hire a millennial, you take on someone who knows how to adjust to different situations.

Loyal and Dedicated

While many people say that millennials don’t stay loyal to their employers, they only tell half the story. Your millennial hire values working for a business that cares about them. When they feel like a trusted member of the team, they love to do their best work. However, when a company doesn’t give any dedication to its millennial employees, they look for one that does.

Ready to Learn and Grow

Millennials care about their job performance and want to move forward in their careers. When they walk through your business’ doors at the beginning of the day, they want to do better than they did yesterday. Combined with the loyalty mentioned above, this motivation makes millennials a great asset to small businesses. If you give your millennial employees room to grow, they’ll aim for progress.

Passionate About the Things They Care About

The millennial generation has a high level of involvement in volunteering and community service. When they care about a cause, they do something about it. Community-minded small businesses will appreciate a millennial hire’s enthusiasm for public service. They want to improve society by enhancing the lives of every customer who uses your products or services.

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