Why You Should Upgrade Your Vape Store POS System

Do you still use a traditional cash register at your vape store checkout counter? Consider upgrading your vape shop cash register to an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system. A POS system can include a cash register as part of its hardware and software that work together. National Retail Solutions’ POS system for vape shops and more has all the features you need to improve your customer experience. Discover how a POS system can enhance your vape business.

Why Upgrade to an All-in-One POS System for Your Vape Store?

Different POS systems have unique features, and every business has different goals in mind for their POS system. Since each vape store has its own strategy, your reasons for getting a POS system may vary. Businesses upgrade to POS systems for reasons such as:
  • Efficiency: A POS system makes checkouts faster, staff management easier and accounting simpler to understand. It streamlines many aspects of your business so you can spend more time growing your company.
  • Profit: You can also use a POS system to improve your earnings. Since it increases your efficiency, it also helps you get more business and enhance your revenue.
  • Technology: An all-in-one POS like NRS POS+ has advanced and easy-to-use technology. Features such as cloud technology — providing secure internet information storage — give you new ways to do business.
POS systems can improve businesses across industries. They also have benefits specific to vape shops that you should consider.

How Will Your Vape Shop Benefit From an Upgrade?

When you add a POS system to your vape store’s workflow, your shop benefits from:
  • Inventory organization: An all-in-one POS can read bar codes and SKUs to help you manage your inventory. You can keep track of your stock numbers and categorize your products into different departments.
  • Robust processing integration: POS systems can work with payment processing systems to make your business more efficient. Add a card reader to increase your customer traffic and speed up checkout.
  • Mobile access options: Some POS systems that use cloud technology also have mobile app options. These apps let you manage your store from anywhere that your smartphone has internet connection.
  • Staff management: Comprehensive POS systems have staff management options that help you handle shifts and employee permissions. These features let you improve your staff’s workflow.
The features available from a POS system give you the resources you need to compete with bigger market competitors.

What Can a POS System Do to Benefit Your Customers?

You can improve your customers’ experience at your vape shop with POS system perks such as:
  • Faster checkouts: A POS system includes everything you need for faster transactions and shorter check-out lines. Tools such as a barcode scanner, custom product catalog and integrated cash register let you ring up items faster.
  • Better marketing: Comprehensive POS systems can include loyalty programs, product discounts and other promotions that help your customers save. They can count on your store as a place for reliable deals.
  • More payment options: When you combine your POS system with a payment processor, your customers can use more payment options. An all in one POS can expand their selection to cards, mobile payments and more.
A POS system gives you plenty of opportunities to improve your service to your vape shop customers.

Why Choose POS+ From NRS as Your POS?

At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we empower small businesses by providing an affordable and powerful POS system. POS+ has all the features you need to compete in today’s vape market. The benefits of choosing POS+ for your vape shop include:
  • Thousands of pre-loaded barcodes: Your POS+ system comes set up with more than 400,000 barcodes for popular products including products specific to vape and tobacco stores. It also allows you to scan new barcodes to add them to your system quickly.
  • ID check reminders: POS+ can remind you to check a customer’s ID when they buy tobacco products. Add these items to a special department that prompts your cashier to check for ID before finishing the transaction.
  • Powerful inventory and staff features: You can use POS+ to organize your inventory and employees. The POS+ inventory features can track your stock numbers and categorize your products. POS+ also allows you to set user permissions and record when an employee logs in or out for their shift.
  • Tobacco sales rebate program: Get paid monthly for your tobacco sales. For some merchants you can make up to 15 cents per carton sold.
We designed POS+ to help small business owners like you increase your profits and stay competitive.

Learn More About POS+

For more information about how POS+ can help streamline your vape shop, contact one of our representatives today.