Technologies All Retail Distributors Should Consider Selling

We use technology in every aspect of business — operations, management, communication and more. As a retail distributor, you aim to provide your customers with the supplies they need. Modern retailers have a broad range of technologies on their shopping lists. Depending on a business’ size and budget, they could want any number of technologies that will help make them more efficient and earn more revenue. Offering these classic and modern options will help you appeal to more customers.

Digital Pricebooks

An electronic pricebook lets retailers manage their product and service prices using software. They can combine it with a point of sale (POS) system to change prices for items scanned at checkout. Small businesses may have an eye out for their first pricebooks, while larger retailers could need an upgrade. Providing a range of pricebook software helps you provide businesses of all sizes the features they need.

Store Security Technology

Security technology also has various levels of complexity and beginner friendliness. Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems detect when an unpaid item passes through its sensors. Cameras and motion detectors help a retailer understand customer activity during an incident. Your customers may want to combine security technologies or stay with one type. Sales Data Software Software that handles sales data can calculate trends for the user and record transactions. It helps small business owners understand their profits and losses so they can improve their operations. See which products are selling well and which products are not worth selling anymore. Sales data can also reveal your peak hours and even help you understand seasonal trends. Consider selling sales data software that caters to users of all skill levels.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) provide product information in a digital format. The retailer can use Bluetooth technology to edit the price labels on their shelves at any time. These devices save time when a business needs to change prices or sales.

EMV Card Readers

Most modern debit and credit cards now have EMV chips that protect the user from fraud. However, a store needs an EMV card reader to take advantage of this security. Every business can benefit from having this modern payment processor. Selling EMV readers shows customers that you care about their safety and stay on top of industry trends.

Comprehensive POS Systems

A point of sale (POS) system combines many of the technologies mentioned in this guide. Full POS system solutions include pricebooks and sales data, and have compatibility with EMV readers. Providing a cost-effective and comprehensive POS system will help you appeal to businesses of all budgets.

POS+: Affordable, Powerful Technology for Retail

At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we believe in empowering small businesses with affordable technology that makes sense. We provide solutions that help these companies succeed in competitive markets. Our POS+ system has a reasonable price and robust features on par with more expensive options. Our POS is perfectly suited for Convenience Stores, Bodegas, Deli Groceries, Liquor Stores, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, and many other types of retail stores. When you become a POS+ distributor, you work with a company that understands what community businesses need. Learn more about becoming a POS+ distributor on our agent program page.