Why You Should Advertise at the Point of Sale

In today’s market, more businesses than ever before use technology to increase their sales. New advances give you more options for reaching your customers through every step of the sales process. Now, you can promote your products and special discounts as your customers complete their purchases at the checkout counter. This moment when the customer is checking out is called the point of sale. Advertising on a point-of-sale (POS) system like NRS POS+ lets you market to customers while they are paying close attention to the customer facing screen. Learn how you can grow your business and earn more profits through point-of-sale marketing.

Why Should You Try Point-of-Sale Advertising?

Point-of-sale advertising gives you a final chance to encourage your customer to buy your products or services. As items appear on the POS system’s customer facing checkout screen, the screen will also display ads. When you advertise during the final transaction, you keep your products at the front of your customer’s mind. Customers can also leave your store motivated to come back for another purchase.

How Does Point-of-Sale Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Marketing your business at the point of sale gives you plenty of benefits. When you try point-of-sale advertising, you can enjoy:
  • Improved sales: Did you know that digital point of sale advertisements can increase your sales by up to 33%? Enhancing your sales raises your profits and helps your business grow.
  • Optimal marketing opportunities: When your customer comes to the point of sale to check out, they already want to buy. This means that they have a higher chance of considering purchasing other products or services featured in ads.
  • Customer retention: Advertising at the point of sale allows you to keep your business in your customers’ minds. Tactics like loyalty programs and screen ads give your customers a final reminder before they leave.
  • Data insights: A POS system can track sales and promotions statistics. These records help you discover which ads work better than others.
You’ll see these benefits and more for yourself when you try point-of-sale marketing for your business.

Examples of Point-of-Sale Advertising

What does marketing at the point of sale look like? Your promotion options depend on the POS system you choose. An all-in-one POS system like NRS POS+ has plenty of solutions that you can access as a small business. Some examples of POS advertising include:
  • Customer screen advertisements: Show your customers ads for your products or business as they watch their transaction add up.
  • Product sales and promotions: Raise awareness about your current sales through automatic prompts and banners.
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs: Create custom incentives through your POS system like loyalty programs and gift cards.
We bet that you can think of even more ways to entice customers to buy more while at your checkout counter. A comprehensive POS system like POS+ can also expand your options.

How Does POS+ Help You Achieve the Best Point-of-Sale Advertising?

POS+ from National Retail Solutions, Inc., has everything you need to grow your small business. With POS+, you can improve your point-of-sale marketing strategy at a price that’s affordable for neighborhood businesses. Our POS advertising features include:
  • Customer-facing screen: The POS+ customer-facing screen allows you to shows custom advertisements for your business. Your customer-facing screen also displays any promotions that your customer can apply to their purchase.
  • BR Club loyalty program: Every POS+ owner becomes an authorized BR Club store. As our valued customer, you receive the marketing materials and supplies to build your very own loyalty program. Your customers can become BR Club members to get discounts and deals at no extra cost to you.
  • Custom promotions: POS+ has a custom promotion feature where you can add special discounts to the products of your choice. When you ring up items, the discounts show on the customer-facing screen.
Our POS system has these features and more. Visit the POS+ overview page to learn more about what our comprehensive POS system has to offer.

Learn More About the World’s Greatest POS System

We dedicate ourselves to helping small businesses like yours succeed in today’s market by providing the technology to help you compete with the big chains. To learn more about POS+ or receive a custom system quote, contact one of our representatives today.