How to Manage Your Retail Business Remotely With POS Technology

When you run a community business, you need to manage your operations anywhere. A point of sale (POS) system like POS+ from National Retail Solutions, Inc., helps you keep track of your sales. Storing your data on the Internet-based cloud lets you access business information from your phone or tablet. Our new POS app, My NRS Store, gives you the tools you need to run a successful business wherever you want.

Track Sales on the Go

If you work outside your store during operating hours, transactions happen even when you don’t work on-site. Understanding your sales in real time helps you make vital business decisions. My NRS Store records your transactions as they happen. It uploads your information to secure Internet storage that you can access with your device. You can see how many customers visit your store and what they buy.

Create Store Reports Whenever You Need Them

Our POS+ system manages your sales statistics so you can look at them whenever you need. The My NRS Store app keeps track of every sale that happens in your store and calculates your profits, average sales amounts and more. Your custom sales reports let you see how different departments sell during the time range you specify. They also show you the total number of sales and items sold to help you understand your business’ activity.

Manage Employee Permissions Anywhere

Sometimes, you need to change an employee’s access to your POS+ features outside your store. They may need temporary control over an aspect of your business when you can’t go on-site to help. In other cases, you could have a staff member who should have access to fewer features. My NRS Store gives you the power to change your employees’ permissions at any time. You can give or take away access as needed.

Maintain Vendor Relationships

When you use POS+ to manage vendor payments and shipments, you might need to see this information on the go. My NRS app gives you control over your vendor contact information and payment tracking from your device. You can even view and change your records when you visit a vendor, so you have accurate information in real time.

View and Edit Your Inventory and Pricebook

During re-supply trips, you want the latest information about your inventory and prices. My NRS Store can track the inventory numbers for items you choose and show you prices for every product in your store. When you need to change a price off-site, you can edit your pricebook from any place with an internet connection.

Do Business Anywhere With POS+ and the My NRS Store App

POS+ from National Retail Solutions, Inc. features powerful software you can access from your device. You can manage your employees, inventory, sales records and more in just a few taps. The POS+ bundle comes with all the hardware and software you need to keep up with the leaders in your industry. For more information about our point of sale system, contact our sales team today. Existing POS+ owners can download My NRS Store from the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.