How to Make Your Grocery Store Succeed

Small grocery stores have more competition than ever from nearby chain convenience and grocery stores. Big supermarket chains have plenty of money and resources to serve their customers. However, you have a strength that they do not have. You can listen to your customers’ needs and create a store just for them. These tips will help you run a modern store that customers are going to want to visit again.

Personalize Your Customers’ Experience

Your customers like some products and services better than others. You have control over your inventory and store layout. Pay attention to the items your customers buy often and the parts of the store they go to the most. Make your community feel at home by selling prepared foods that are  unique to their culture. Try moving your customers’ favorite sections to the front of the store. And keep as many products as possible at eye level. Tall gondolas with products that can’t be reached or seen are detrimental to your store layout.

Become a Part of the Community

A small grocery store brings the community together. Become a prominent member of the community by participating in local events and hosting events at your store. Help local organizations with food donations or volunteer work. Offer to put up flyers in your window for things that happen in your community. If many people in your neighborhood speak a different language, use signs written in their language. bring

Work Together With Other Neighborhood Stores

If your community has other small stores, you can help each other out. Advertise other stores’ products and services in your store and request that they advertise your business as well. There are technologies that allow you to run your own in-store ads. You can also organize group coupon programs where you offer coupons to your customers for other stores and vice versa. You can work together to succeed!

Offer Exciting Coupons and Promotions

Customers love to save money. Encourage customers to buy more by putting your items on discount and by offering special deals. There are Point of Sale systems that offer the ability to create promotions that will automatically be applied at checkout. Some small stores use punch-card systems to offer rewards to their customers. Every time a customer buys an item like a hot coffee, a hole is punched into their card. Once they reach a certain number of items, they get one for free. This type of program does not cost much money and brings in customers.

Join a Loyalty Program

offer Big chain stores have customer membership cards that provide discounts on select items. Programs like the BR Club help small businesses afford to give their customers discounts without losing money. Customers can provide their phone number to sign up for BR Club membership and receive a key fob to scan each time they visit the store, to receive instant discounts on popular items at checkout.

Use the World’s Greatest POS System

A point of sale (POS) system has tools and software that help you run your store. Our POS+ system helps you check-out customers quickly, track your sales, offer promotions, and manage your employees. It has many of the benefits that big supermarkets have in their technology, but at a price point that’s within reach for smaller businesses. To learn more about the cost and benefits of POS+, request a free quote. You can also buy the system right now!