Hybrid Car Recharging Station Tips for Gas Station Owners

People are looking for ways to save money on fuel as gas prices continue to rise. Since the invention of hybrid and electric cars, many people have switched to driving them since they do not worry about gas prices. The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles has become a significant factor in today’s automobile industry and will continue to expand as our world grows more technologically advanced every day.

According to Reuters, sales of hybrid vehicles soared to a 76 percent increase last year, and electric cars jumped 83 percent. In addition, Gartner.com states that six million electric cars will be shipped this year and that the amount of public electric vehicle chargers globally will reach 2 million units. This market trend presents an opportunity for service station owners to reap the benefits of gas owning charging stations. Charging a car at home can take hours, whereas, at a gas station, the car is charged with a direct current, which cuts the charging process to minutes. Like many of us, when we see any of our electronic devices on low battery, we would want to charge it to have enough battery wherever we may go. The same goes for electric car owners; many stress finding the nearest charging station. If a gas station owns a charging unit, most likely, they will take the opportunity to charge their car even if it isn’t empty.

Consumers will appreciate you offering hybrid and electric car charging units. As more people buy electric cars, some gas companies want to switch to electric vehicle chargers as their number one revenue generator. BP, for example, looks to rapidly grow its business to include 70,000 charging stations by 2030; the company now has 11,000 units. Some predict that more gas stations will convert to electric chargers only. As technology advances, business owners must explore installing hybrid and electric car charging stations sooner rather than later, and they could very well be a profitable fit. However, this can also change the business model; according to a Boston Consulting Group study, up to 80 percent of gas stations worldwide are at risk of being disrupted by 2035. In addition, more than 100,000 stations throughout the country would be at risk of going out of business. It can also be challenging for owners to convert to fully EV charging stations since it can be pretty expensive. But if they want their business to survive, they need to reinvent themselves and cater to EV customers.

To compete with other EV charging stations, owners must aim to obtain the best-charging units. For example, gas stations are now installing Level 3 chargers which can deliver as much as 20 miles of range per minute and are almost as fast as filling up a gas tank. This can help your business generate revenue by enticing consumers to come to your location to charge their cars in a more convenient and timely manner. Many owners are worried about the expense of owning charging units. Yet, they may not realize that the government wants to build a huge number of charging stations in convenient locations. The White House plans to spend 5 billion dollars on building more than 500,000 chargers across the country by the end of the decade, and the money will be distributed to businesses to install chargers on their premises. In the long run, owning a charging station can help your business and the many thousands, if not millions, of customers switching to an EV vehicle. By switching over to being an EV charging station can change the future of tech and our planet.


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