How to Finance a Bakery

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It’s not simple to set up a small to mid-sized, independently owned bakery. Opening a bakery generally requires proper attention to a lengthy and costly checklist. This can involve anything from ordering certain foods or deciding whether to produce baked goods on-site or use a separate location. From there, you also have to decide whether the bakery will be only take-out or include dine in. Lastly, you have to think how you can afford the display racks, vents, a shop design, and staffing. This can be overwhelming by how many tasks you need to complete to run a successful bakery. Fortunately there are companies like National Retail Solutions (NRS) to help assist you.

NRS is the nation’s top provider of point-of-sale (POS) systems to small to mid-sized, independently owned bakeries, grocers, convenience shops, and other retail businesses. The NRS Plus system provides merchants with anything they need to start a profitable business without spending a fortune.

If a bakery owner doesn’t have enough cash available to meet their expenses, NRS offers accessible cash advances, which is also a far better solution than seeking a bank loan or relying on friends and relatives. Unlike other bank loans, getting an NRS Plus cash advance is a quick and efficient process that can take just 15 minutes. Another major difference between NRS Plus cash advances and bank loans is the interest rate. Cash advances from NRS offer cheaper interest rates and additional payment choices. There are no small prints or charges with NRS, which are common with bank loans and result in much lower returns.

Consequently, A cash advance may also deposit funds into a merchant’s account for as little as 24 to 48 hours, which is much faster than a bank. One of the many benefits of a cash advance is also allowing bakery owners to use a few of the money for equipment, some for a marketing push, and some for a rainy day fund.

Although cash advances are highly suggested for borrowing money from friends and family or launching a Go Fund Me page online, borrowing money from family and friends might cause strained relationships.

Furthermore, the strained relationship isn’t just between you and your relatives. If things go wrong, you run the risk of losing connections as well. There is also the friend or family member who lends money to you and may need the money back immediately which can add to your stress.

That’s why NRS is the leading helper for getting your business to the place it needs to be. NRS will help with offering you a cash advance the safe way so you can avoid any strained relationships all together.

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