Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Thanks to modern communication technology, workers have more self-employment opportunities than ever. Becoming your own boss gives you a multitude of benefits that let you live the life you want. When you partner with companies like National Retail Solutions (NRS), Inc., you can become an independent agent with professional support. Independent retail distributors love selling our services since our POS bundle is perfectly suited for independently owned retail stores. The distributor model gives you the opportunity to:

1. Decide Your Salary

A commission payment model lets you earn money based on your successes. The more you work toward your sales goals, the more opportunities you get to boost your paycheck. When you work on a contract basis, you also have the chance to combine incomes from more than one client. Companies like NRS that pay uncapped commissions let you get the most out of your earnings.

2. Set Your Own Hours

As an independent agent, you can choose when to work. If you have other engagements like parenting, caretaking or additional contracts, you get to move your schedule around them. Even if these situations don’t apply to you, anyone can enjoy the flexibility that comes with working for yourself.

3. Grow Your Career Skills

Self-employment gives you the opportunity to learn soft and hard skills in your industry. You can wow future employers and clients with your experience working in an independent role. Companies like NRS also offer training resources that help you succeed. When you work with clients who care about your performance, you can learn more career skills than ever before.

4. Create a Work-Life Balance

Since you decide when you work and how much you need to earn, you can create a work-life balance that suits your needs. You get to choose when you finish work for the day. As a result, you have time to focus on the important things in life, such as family, friends and community.

5. Follow Your Passions

A flexible schedule gives you the option to pursue the hobbies and projects you value. If you want to start a creative business, you can supplement your income with commission money. You can also spare more time for passions that give you fulfillment instead of earnings.

6. Get the Support You Need

When you partner with a company that wants you to succeed, you can get the support you require to do your best work. NRS provides every agent with selling tools and materials that help them make the perfect pitch. We also have training resources you can access 24/7, so you can get the answers to your questions anytime.

Be Your Own Boss With National Retail Solutions, Inc.

Thinking of making the switch to self-employment? Partner with NRS as a sales agent for our POS+ point of sale system, a comprehensive tool for small businesses. When you work with us, you give community retailers the resources they need to compete with big chains. Learn more about our distributor program today by visiting our applicant page.