Best Back to School Marketing Ideas & Promotions 2022

During the back-to-school season, it is the best time for business owners and sellers to get their products off the shelves. Students and teachers must stock up on various products before the beginning of their year. And 2022 is the perfect year for sellers to kick off their sales! This year more than 50% of households with children aged K-12 who are entering the Fall 2022 academic year said they are planning to spend more on supplies than they did last year. So if you’re a business owner, you’ll want to take advantage of this lucrative time. Here are the best back-to-school shopping promotion ideas you can implement to reap the most profit for your business.

Limited Time Only Percent Off Items or Discounts

The first marketing move you can implement to increase back-to-school sales is offering limited-time-only discounts. This is a classic sales tactic in the retail industry and works well during the school year. Telling customers that those sales and discounts are only available during a specific time encourages purchasing and is a great way to get shoppers through the door. Percent-off discounts are a simple and effective way to reap a profit and garner attention for your brand. During the academic season, sellers can offer these discounts from the summer months through early Fall, giving students, parents, and teachers the perfect excuse to stop in and buy something.

Teacher Discounts

While a significant portion of back-to-school marketing ideas and efforts are geared towards students, teachers are a huge part of the education season as well! A great way to increase your brand exposure and reap a profit is to release discounts specifically tailored to teachers. Examples of items you may want to discount are briefcases, pens/pencils, dry erase boards and markers, folders, sticky notes, calendars, and calculators. Teachers often buy supplies not just for themselves but for entire classrooms of students. Thus, marketing to teachers can bring in a lot of extra revenue for your business.

BOGO Deals

Another popular tactic sellers can use when planning back-to-school marketing ideas is Buy One Get One or BOGO deals. BOGO deals are a widely used retail strategy all year round. When customers hear the word “free,” they are automatically enticed. By giving customers a free item with their purchase, you are letting them feel like they are getting the bang for their buck. This type of discount can bring in plenty of consumers. To spread the word, business owners can advertise their BOGO deals on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Owners can also physically place signs and banners throughout the store to catch customers’ attention and create the learning season aesthetic. And if you have an advanced payment system, like the National Retail Solutions Point of Sale System (POS), you can even display advertisements on the screen at checkout. With BOGO deals, you can have customers provide a coupon/promotional code, or you can have the discount apply automatically at checkout.

Free Gift with Purchase

When choosing back-to-school shopping promotion ideas, don’t forget about offering gifts! There is nothing a customer loves more than receiving a free gift. This type of promotion makes shopping fun for consumers and will encourage them to purchase in your store. Sellers can get creative with this promotion and choose a fun gift to give customers. The free gift promotion is especially useful this season because it strongly appeals to children. Offering a free toy or gadget will entice students to buy their supplies from your store and create a playful and exciting shopping experience.

There are so many ways businesses can increase back-to-school sales and create a fun shopping experience! The education season is a retail extravaganza, so you’ll want to plan your back-to-school sale ideas and invest the proper time and money into your marketing plan.

Now that you know some of the best ways to advertise during the education season, you can start selling. Good luck!