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Touch Screen POS Machine

The NRS POS+ machine is a powerful business management tool. Manage transactions on the cash register using a convenient touch screen. The monitor has a large display and includes clearly labeled buttons that make perfect sense. You don’t need to be a technology expert to handle business with this powerful tool

Cashier Touch Screen Monitor

Every POS machine from NRS comes with a 15-inch retailer display screen. The manager or cashier uses this screen to:

  • Manage the POS+ system: The touch screen POS monitor allows you to easily navigate the different business tools available on the POS+ using large and easy to understand buttons.
  • Check out customers: Use the buttons on the screen to effortlessly check out your customers. The monitor works together with the barcode scanner so you can scan all of your products and make transactions even quicker.

Your POS+ display screen includes features such as:

  • Clear picture: The high-definition cashier screen makes the buttons and interface look crystal clear. You can easily see the details of your system and check-outs.
  • Large size: The size of the monitor gives you the space you need to press the right buttons. If you usually have a hard time using touch screens, you’ll be happy to have the room to choose the exact option you want.
  • Comfortable angle: Your cashier screen faces you at an angle. This design makes it more comfortable to use the system. It also helps you avoid neck and back strain.
  • Cord cover: Once you connect the POS+ to your power outlet, accessories and Internet, you can place a cover over the back. This cover protects the cord connections and organizes them into a neat bundle.

Customer Screen

The POS+ comes with a second screen that faces your customers! During the checkout process, the customer will look at this high-definition screen on their side of the register. Our customer facing screens come in sizes between 12 and 21 inches. This monitor shows the customer details about:

  • Items and Prices: Customers can see the price of each item they are purchasing on the customer screen along with the total price for their transaction.
  • Discounts: Our system automatically subtracts the discounts you program into the system and shows them to the customer. The discounted amount is automatically removed from the total cost of the transaction.
  • Advertisements: On the right side of the screen, your customer will see advertisements from your store and from our company. Our advertisements help us keep our prices at industry-low rates. You can request to put own ads up for a small fee and even sell ads on your screen to other local merchants.

Learn More About Our POS Solutions

The features available on our touch screens are just one of the many ways the POS+ system helps your business grow. Ask for a quote to learn how much our systems cost. Buy now to get a competitive advantage in your market.

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