POS System With Inventory Tracking

The NRS POS+ system makes managing items simple. If you use a regular cash register, you are most likely not accurately tracking inventory of all of the products in your store. What if you had a better solution? Our POS+ system includes inventory management software for small businesses that saves you time and money.

POS Inventory System

When you log in to the NRS POS+, you’ll see a button that takes you to the Inventory screen. You can tell the system to keep track of specific items’ stock numbers. The Inventory screen takes the products you choose and puts them into three groups:

  • Stock Level OK: You have enough of this item.
  • Reorder Soon: You have a low number of this product, so you should order more soon.
  • Reorder Now: You have a very low number of this item or none at all. Reorder as soon as you can.

The system clearly separates these groups so that you can easily see which products you need to order. You don’t have to count every item by hand anymore. Instead, the system will let you know when you need to order more inventory.


The POS+ inventory management system uses the pricebook feature to manage items. The pricebook mainly lets you set prices, taxes & fees for your products and separate them by departments. However, the inventory system also uses the pricebook as a reference for tracking items.

Each pricebook entry includes the item’s UPC, department, description, price and stock. You can set the original stock number to track it on the Inventory screen. Count your stock once, and let the system handle the rest. If you enter the number of products in your order right when you get it, you won’t have to count it at all.

User Permissions

Many merchants requested that we allow them to decide who can manage their inventories. As a result, we updated our POS+ software to include user management. You can give everyone who uses the POS+ their own account. Then, you can choose what each person can and cannot do. Decide if they can edit, add or delete inventory items. The system lets you change these settings whenever you want.

Benefits of an Inventory Management System

A POS system with inventory tracking lets you:

  • Understand product trends: See which tracked items sell the fastest to choose where to focus your sales. That way, you’ll know where your business succeeds the most.
  • Provide better customer service: When a customer asks whether you have an item in stock, you can check in a few clicks. You and your customer save time that would have been spent going back to the shelves to check.
  • Manage your spending on stock: You don’t want to buy too much of a product and waste money on extra inventory. However, you also don’t want to run out of an item without realizing it. An inventory system helps you stock the right number of products.

Save Time and Money on Inventory Management

Inventory tracking is just one of the features included in the NRS POS+. Request a quote or buy a system today to see our POS+ system’s features for yourself.

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