POS With Barcode Scanner

A POS system with a barcode scanner provides much more utility than a simple cash register. When you use a barcode scanner with your point of sale (POS) system, your cashiers will be more efficient, and your customers will be happy with a quicker checkout experience. The handheld barcode scanner that comes with the NRS POS works seamlessly with the rest of the system and is an important tool that will help you modernize your business.

Benefits of Barcode Scanners for POS Systems

Some of the benefits of barcode scanners include:

  • Convenience: Instead of entering a product’s number, you only have to scan the item. Products from major brands already come with a scannable barcode on the packaging. As a bonus, the NRS POS comes with 100,000’s of products that are already in the system.
  • Accuracy: You don’t have to worry about entering the wrong price into your system. The POS does the math for you and adds the cost to the sale.
  • Efficiency: Your checkouts will become faster, leading to shorter lines of customers. You can spend the time you would use to enter items to work on business growth.
  • Inventory control: The NRS POS system automatically tracks the number of products in stock. Enter the starting amount, and the system will let you know when you need to reorder.
  • Flexibility: Create barcodes (PLUs) for in-store items, and other products that don’t come with barcodes, so you can manage every part of your inventory. If a price scans incorrectly, you can change the item information from the register.
  • Customer satisfaction: Link your system to the BR Club Loyalty Program to help your customers save money. Scan their membership card, and the POS will add discounts. We’ll refund the money needed to provide these promotions.

Using Your POS Cash Register With Scanner

Our equipment makes it easier than ever to run your business. The NRS POS with barcode scanner includes a pricebook and inventory that records your products’ UPCs. Use the POS software to:

  • Manage prices: Your pricebook already has information for thousands of items that customers buy every day. If you don’t see a product in the program, you can add it with a quick scan.
  • Transfer data: If you already have a POS with a pricebook, you can easily transfer the products and prices to your new NRS POS. You don’t have to enter your old items one-by-one. We will teach you how to transfer your information to the new system.
  • Weigh and label items: Use our scale (optional) or an existing scale with a printer to label and scan items like produce and deli products. Print your labels at the deli counter or weigh items right at the register.

National Retail Solutions: The All-in-One POS System

The barcode scanner is only one of the parts of our all-in-one POS system. The NRS POS also includes:

These tools work with our software to help you manage every part of your business. You can keep track of your sales, inventory and more from the same screen. If you want to learn more about our pricing, ask for a quote. Or, Buy the system today and modernize your business!

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