What to Look for in Hiring Small Business Employees

Both new and experienced small business owners find hiring difficult. While a lot of people mention how hard it is to look for a job, not as many realize that hiring also has its challenges. How do you know which candidate to hire? You have unique hiring needs, but all small businesses can benefit from hiring employees with these qualities:

Honesty — Do They Tell the Truth, Even When It Makes Them Look Bad?

Everyone makes mistakes. When they happen in the workplace, you need to know the bad news as soon as possible. An employee who tries to have the right answers during the interview could also hide their mistakes at work. An honest employee will give you an accurate idea of their strengths and weaknesses, not just their strengths.

Flexibility — Can They Adapt to New Situations?

Something new happens every day at a small business. Your employees will sometimes need to do tasks not mentioned in the job description. A new member of your team needs to figure out skills as they go.

Growth Attitude — Do They Want to Become Better Every Day?

You can train someone to have the skills to do the job, but they need the willingness to learn them in the first place. Meanwhile, you can’t teach someone to have that attitude. An applicant who stays dedicated to moving forward can handle whatever you ask them to do.

Enthusiasm — How Much Would They Like Working Here?

A new employee should enjoy the way that you and your team do work. Good team members don’t have to love your services or products, but they should have similar goals. For example, if you want your business to serve your local neighborhood, a new hire should care about their community.

Multi-Tasking — Can They Manage Multiple Jobs?

People who work at small businesses have to take care of many jobs at once. You can’t hire someone to do each individual task like big companies can. Look for candidates who have experience taking care of more than one job duty at once.

Compatibility — How Will They Fit Into My Team?

Whether your team includes many employees or just yourself, a new employee needs to work with their coworkers every day. For the best results, you should look for a hire who gets along with the rest of your staff. However, they should also bring new skills or personality to make your team even stronger.

Reliability — Can I Count on Them?

When your employee promises something, they need to follow up on that promise. A reliable team member will get the job done when it should get done and tell you ahead of time when they can’t. They will take responsibility when no one else will.

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