Top Eight Reasons Employees Quit Their Part-Time Jobs

According to Forbes, the United States now has its largest job-quitting rate since 2001. When one of your employees quits, you lose the time and money needed to replace them. You could even have a business that doesn’t do enough for its employees if your workers keep leaving. These eight reasons why part-time employees quit will help you understand if you can do something to keep your staff around.

1. Better Pay at Another Job

A survey from the job website Glassdoor found that almost half of employees leave their jobs for higher pay. Now that the United States has low unemployment rates, employers have to compete to keep their workers. Even part-time employees need to make money, and they will leave if they feel that they don’t get enough pay. Try using resources like to make sure you’re paying your employees at industry standard rates.

2. Lack of Engagement

Everyone has talents and passions. Part-time employees may not spend as much time at your business as full-time workers, but their job is still an important part of their lives. Many employees quit when work doesn’t seem like a fulfilling challenge.

3. No Room for Growth

As humans, we constantly aim to improve ourselves, especially in the workplace. Promotions and other opportunities give employees a chance to move forward in their careers. A lack of opportunities for growth can convince someone to look for another job that has those options.

4. Not Feeling Heard or Understood

Your employees want you to treat them like human beings. They want basic respect and a boss who will listen to their needs. If you don’t listen to your team’s concerns and ideas, they won’t feel valued.

5. No Recognition of Hard Work

Employees want rewards and recognition for working hard. This doesn’t always mean a promotion or raise — sometimes, they only need a few kind words. When workers feel like they don’t get anything in return for their hard work, they will want to find a new place of work that will reward them.

6. Too Much Supervision

As an employer, you need to supervise your employees. However, managing every little aspect of someone’s job can seem controlling and insulting. Your workers want a job where their boss trusts them to get their job done.

7. Lack of Trust in Management

Employees not only want to feel trusted, but they also want to work for someone they trust. If you keep important information secret from them, they will often find out about it in other ways. Distrust breeds discontent at the work place.

8. No Respect for Work/Life Balance

Part-time employees may not work for you all day and every day, but you still need to keep their lives outside of work in mind. If you keep on changing their schedules with no pattern, they may look for somewhere with more predictable shifts.

Free Up Time and Money to Focus on Your Employees

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