What Are Merchant Services?

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Thanks to the convenience of payment cards, many customers prefer to use them over cash. As a small-business owner, you can increase your profits by expanding the payment types you accept. Merchant services empower you to give your customers the payment options they want. Learn more about merchant services and how they help small businesses grow.

What Is a Merchant Service Provider?

Businesses use merchant services for the handling of electronic payment transactions. A merchant service provider takes care of the software, hardware, services and partnerships needed to process these transactions. You can find many of these providers available for businesses. They each have a different approach to services that suit specific companies. When you look for a merchant service provider, you have multiple factors to consider. Every service has its own fees, financial relationships and accepted payment types.

Who Are the Parties Involved in Merchant Services?

Merchant service providers manage the parties that take part in card processing. These people and institutions include:

  • The cardholder
  • Your business
  • The bank your business uses
  • The cardholder’s bank
  • Card associations like Visa and Mastercard

To learn more about the parties involved in merchant services, read our guide to credit card processing.

What Card Payments Can I Accept if I Use Merchant Services?

Various merchant service providers give you their own selections of payment methods you can accept. An ideal provider lets you accept the full range of payment options, including:

  • All major debit and credit card payments, including American Express and Visa
  • Mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Payment support such as EBT and eWIC

Notice that some providers let you take payment methods besides cards. When you take mobile payments and EBT, your business appeals to customers from different backgrounds, including tech-savvy and low-income customers.

Do I Need to Get a Credit Card Reader?

To accept alternatives to cash, you need a card reader like an EMV machine. A secure card machine uses the latest forms of payment processing, including cards with chips and mobile payments. Many providers bundle a reader with their service agreement, but pay attention to their descriptions. Merchant service providers like National Retail Solutions, Inc. offer the latest technology at an affordable price.

How Do Merchant Services Help Small Businesses?

When you work with a merchant service provider, they take care of the details surrounding credit card processing. For a small fee based on what you earn, you can spend more time growing your business. Partnering with a provider that understands small businesses saves you time and effort. A merchant service provider like National Retail Solutions, Inc. will support you as you aim for success.

Count on National Retail Solutions, Inc., as Your Merchant Service Provider

When you buy POS+, the World’s Greatest POS System, you can add our merchant services from NRS Pay at a low rate. You can accept all major payment forms mentioned in this guide for an affordable price. Discover our software and hardware for small businesses today by contacting our sales team.

Other unique services NRS Pay take pride in helping merchants with:

  • Cash Discount Program — Offsetting the Card Brand Fees by having the cardholders help pay towards it.*
  • Live currency conversion Know-What-You-Pay in your currency — for tourists/credit cards from other countries.
  • Rapid Funding — Batch anytime at night and early morning until 6:00 AM and still get funded by 5:00 PM!*
  • Merchants can sell state-approved CBD based products with NRS Pay merchant services. (Excludes Marijuana or THC based products).
  • ~24/7 multilingual support.
  •  Lower interchange pricing based on consulting merchants how to have the cards they charge downgrade less.

*Additional charges/contract may apply

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