Can a Fake ID Be Scanned? How to Spot a Fake ID

It might be challenging to identify who is of legal age and who is not in this day and age. Fake IDs have become more popular among underage teens who want to consume alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. This has become a problem not only for liquor and convenience stores but also for big-box stores.

What Happens If A Small Business Does Not ID A Customer

Some store owners who are lenient with the age-verification laws may not realize there are many leading consequences. Undercover underage operations will lead to heavy fines and even confiscating your products. In addition, minors that purchase alcohol may drive drunk and get into accidents, injuring or even killing others or themselves, which could lead to ruinous lawsuits. Even if the store stays afloat, its reputation will always be affected negatively and will lose many customers and people in the community.

What To Do If You Come Across A Fake ID At Your Small Business

For these reasons, it’s crucial to not only refuse to sell to minors but to know how to spot a fraudulent ID. For small to mid-sized businesses, an ID scanner is a critical tool. ID scanners are electronic devices that work by getting hold of data stored within a license or non-license data stripe. The information, including the customer’s age, is then displayed on a point-of-sale system.

If you come across a fraudulent ID, your next step depends on your State’s regulations. Some states, such as Alaska, give business owners and employees the option to confiscate counterfeit IDs and hand them over to the police. In others, including Arkansas, Florida, and Pennsylvania, it is required and recommended that store owners not confiscate fraudulent IDs and call law enforcement instead. Evaluate the situation. If you catch a fake ID and the person is aggressive or confrontational, let them leave the store with their fabricated ID. It’s not worth risking physical harm over holding onto a fake ID.

An ID scanner also removes the burden of relying on your staff to spot fake IDs. For employees, spotting fake IDs can entail guesswork. Unless they have a sharp, well-trained eye, there are signs of a fraudulent ID that may pass by, both rudimentary and sophisticated. At the same time, using the naked eye to try and catch a fraudulent ID can slow down lines, with frustrated customers putting pressure on the staff to rush the process.

The Importance of Having a Quality ID Scanner

ID scanners aren’t all made equal. If you have the cheapest ID scanner, you could be able to make a wrong assumption. They may not be as technologically advanced as advanced ID scanners. They are more vulnerable to well-crafted false ID frauds involving faked barcodes.

When shopping for ID scanners, look for companies that don’t have hidden fees or fine print and investigate point-of-sale businesses offering high-tech equipment at reasonable costs. For instance, through its NRS Pay program, National Retail Solutions (NRS), the nation’s top provider of point-of-sale (POS) systems to small to mid-sized convenience and hardware stores, offers License ID Scanning. The organization is known for its honesty and integrity and has no surprise fees. NRS aims to work with its customers to ensure they are happy and satisfied with their POS and services.

We hope that this post has helped emphasize the significance of checking IDs and using the most up-to-date technology while using ID scanners. Considering the dire consequences of being lenient with a fake ID, owning a POS that helps you with your needs is well worth it.

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