Everything You Need to Open a Coffee Shop

Imagine your customers entering your coffee shop and inhaling the delicious scent of freshly made coffee. Customers appreciate visiting your coffee shop because of the soothing atmosphere generated by classical music.

Everything appears to be going nicely, but before you can open your dream coffee shop, you may need to take several steps in order to ensure its success.

So You Want to Open a Coffee Shop?
Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Set You Up for Success:

Find a Location

The first step is for you to start looking for possible coffee shop sites. You may need to look for a location where your competition isn’t as strong. If you do decide to open your shop near competitors, customers may turn to their shops instead of your business.

To avoid this, open your store in an area with a high population density; in a busy area, within walking distance for customers, or in a location where there isn’t yet a coffee shop.

The Best Names for a Coffee Shop are Those that are Memorable

Next, be creative with the name of your coffee shop. Choose a catchy yet unique name to stand out amongst others. According to Forbes, here are a couple of suggestions when trying to come up with a name for your business: “Get feedback on the name, use resources for brainstorming, conduct a thorough research on the name…” You should get feedback from people on the name and determine if it is memorable and appealing when spoken aloud.

Name generators such as Shopify Business Generator and NameMesh.com can also assist you in coming up with a distinctive name. Finally, to determine whether the name is already taken, type your business name into the Google search box and see if a company with that name already exists. You may need to modify your name if this is the case.

What to Offer Your Customers: Best Quality Coffee

After you’ve figured out a name for your coffee shop, it is now time to figure out what type of equipment you need and what you will offer your customers. Do some research on the best coffee beans and the type of drinks you want to serve.

Buy sturdy equipment with modern features that are built to last. According to Poster, the type of coffee equipment you need are automatic drip coffee makers, coffee brewers, espresso machines, and a filtration system for water and milk. It’s important to have a variety of coffee machines to provide your customers more options.

Your Baristas are Essential to Your Shop’s Success

Then, you will need to ensure that you have the correct people to handle your coffee business. Coffee shop experience and a working knowledge of certain beverages are essential for your baristas. Once you’ve decided on the drinks you’ll be serving at your coffee shop, it’s time to teach your employees how to create them. If you want to provide other beverages or bagels in addition to coffee, make sure your staff is properly trained and ask them for their recommendations.

Finding the Funds for your Coffee Shop: NRS Funding Can Help

Finding the funds to set up a coffee shop may be difficult and stressful. Luckily, NRS Funding offers funding to help small business owners. Unlike complicated bank loans with fine print and fees, NRS Funding cash advances are completely transparent. They can also be used for any project you wish while bank loans are rigid and the funds are often targeted for business use.

Choosing the Best Checkout Equipment and Payment Acceptance Plan

Once you’ve got a plan in place for a well-kept, welcoming shop, get ready to purchase a Point of Sale (POS) system. Choosing a top-notch POS provider is critical to your coffee shop’s success. The best POS systems, such as the NRS POS, track sales and inventory so that you know what fresh bread or bagels to order for delivery each morning or which types of coffee are trending downward to avoid overbuying. In addition, choosing credit card processing for your business can take some research – but finding the right company can save you thousands of dollars over time. NRS Pay offers its unique Cash Discount plan, in which the store owner pays zero transaction fees. Each time a customer swipes, taps or dips their card, they pay a small surcharge “service fee” so that the retailer doesn’t have to.

Start with NRS today!

Opening a coffee shop can be fun and with the right planning can become very lucrative. Learn more about how the NRS POS and NRS Pay credit card processing can help your coffee shop grow. Call (833) 289-2767 or visit nrsplus.com to learn more.