All-in-One POS System for CBD Stores

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POS System in a Grocery Store

As a CBD business owner, you need to work hard to stay in the competitive natural wellness market. At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we believe in helping community stores compete with bigger businesses. Our POS+ system offers so much more than a cash register for your CBD store. With our CBD store point of sale system, you can transform the way you do business. Keep up with your competitors by getting our innovative POS.

CBD Store POS Sales Statistics

Staying competitive with other CBD stores involves understanding your store’s sales. When you know which items sell well, you can focus on marketing those products for better profits. Every time you use POS+ to ring up an item, it tracks the sale. You can then record your vendor purchases and relationships in POS+ to compare your profits and spending. These features help you maintain more detailed and accurate bookkeeping to make smart business decisions.

POS+ sales statistics let you create reports based on a date range that show your sales activity for that time. This information will help you make informed business decisions like inventory purchasing. With sales information from POS+, you can learn which CBD items to invest in and which to phase out of your inventory. You can customize your product selection to your customers’ tastes to improve your marketing.

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Cashier Touch Screen and Customer-Facing Screen

In the CBD market, you want to make a good impression on your customers. A checkout process that involves modern, easy-to-understand technology will give your customers a professional experience. A POS+ station has two screens — a touch screen for the cashier and a large display screen for the customer. The POS+ touch screen includes all of the controls you need to manage the system.

During checkout, the cashier will use the touch screen to answer prompts (like age verification) and add one-click items to the transaction. Your customers will use the customer-facing screen to view their purchase details. This screen also shows them advertisements, discounts, and promotions that support more sales for your business.

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Sales and Inventory Reporting

Inventory and Pricebook Management

POS+ also features robust pricebook and inventory features to give you maximum control over your items. POS+ makes it simple to build your inventory and create unique CBD item entries. The POS+ pricebook comes pre-loaded with thousands of popular UPCs, and you can add your CBD products by scanning them.

You can create custom departments for all of your CBD and natural wellness products so you can track their performance. Automatic inventory tracking gives you alerts when the items you choose reach low levels.

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Remote Management for Your CBD Store

CBD and natural wellness sales can involve events and other activities outside of your store. As a result, successful CBD store management often takes work off-site. When you need to do business away from your POS+ system, count on the My NRS Store app. POS+ has an internet-based system that you can safely access from anywhere with a connection. With My NRS Store, you can manage your vendor relationships, POS users, pricebook entries, promotions and much more.

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Barcode Scanning for Checkout and Inventory Management

POS+ includes full barcode scanning capabilities to make checkout and inventory management simple. Add new CBD products to your pricebook by scanning their barcodes — no number input needed. If you create custom wellness products, you can also add their barcodes to your system.

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Custom Discounts and Promotions

With POS+, you can create store-exclusive discounts on CBD items and other products. POS+ gives you complete control over your promotions by letting you put any item in your inventory on sale. Create price discounts or quantity discounts that encourage your customers to buy more products. If a customer wants to buy a product that has a quantity discount promotion, the system will let them know how many more they need to buy in order to save.

What Makes POS+ the Best POS Solution for CBD Stores?

CBD stores and other small businesses choose POS+ because of these features that set it apart:

Designed for Small Businesses

We created POS+ with the needs of small businesses in mind. It has an affordable price and easy setup that gives community stores the competitive advantage they need to succeed. Our team works with each customer to help them boost their business with POS+.

BR Club Loyalty Program

With POS+, your store automatically becomes a BR Club store. The BR Club loyalty program offers your customers discounts on popular products at no extra cost to you. After they redeem their discount at your store, we will reimburse you with the money that they saved.

Comprehensive Training

New POS+ users get all the help they need to use the software and hardware. Our team will help you install POS+ and set up your pricebook so you can start using your system right away. We also provide 24/7 customer service as well as an online training website that you can access at any time.

Get a Competitive Edge With a CBD Store POS

Give your CBD business the same features as a bigger store at an affordable price for community businesses. Learn more about POS+ by contacting us for a free quote.