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See how your
business currently
appears online!

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Connect with
local customers

Listings are the most important way for consumers
to find your business and order online or walk into
your store to shop.

Show up in local
search results

Be found where your customers search when they’re ready to buy! NRS FindMyBiz creates, maintains and optimizes your local business listings, to ensure that your profiles move up in local searches on major search engines, such as Google or Bing.

Get on the maps
— and the apps

Let’s get your business some attention on apps
and maps; Facebook, Waze, Apple Maps
and more! NRS FindMyBiz creates and
maintains your local business listings services
on all the top apps and directories.

Ensure your
accuracy and security

Once we set up and optimize your listings
on more than 40 of the most important business
directories, we will continue to monitor them, keeping
them up to date and ensuring that no one else creates
duplicates or tampers with your information.

Lift the burden
of maintaining your
online ratings

Ratings are essential for how people find your business online. The more reviews and stars you have, the more likely you will appear first when people are searching for businesses such as yours (For example, if people are searching for stores “near me” – grocery, bodega, tienda, convenience store, cigarettes, liquor, and many other keywords – you will show up at or near the top of the list).

You don’t have
to manage
reviews by yourself

NRS FindMyBiz has a team that can take care of managing all reviews for your business. When a negative review shows up, we will respond and make sure it does not impact how you appear to people searching for you. We will thank customers for their praise or help spin poor reviews into a positive ones, with thoughtful responses that exemplify your excellent customer service (all of this is included at the absolute best price!).

Proven results and accountability

We’ll monitor results and share dashboards and reports that show you that you’re getting good value for your dollar. A small monthly outlay offers you peace of mind that customers can find you, and that your reviews are being properly managed.

How Does My
Store Look Online?

My Reviews

$19.95/mo.($29.95/mo. without NRS PAY)*

Signup requires subscription to Find My Biz

An Add-On
Service Of
Never worry about
negative reviews again!

With Manage My reviews, a live person responds
to your reviews – so that you don’t have to.

Your online ratings are expertly handled:

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