National Retail Solutions Introduces Altria Tier 3/P+ Program for All Stores Participating in Tobacco Scan Program

Newark, NJ., September 13, 2023 – National Retail Solutions (NRS) is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Altria to provide retailers access to the innovative Altria Digital Trade Program (DTP). The program focuses on driving electronic tobacco information exchange and promoting digital loyalty solutions and is now seamlessly integrated into the NRS platform.

Retailers participating in NRS’s Tobacco Scan Program for just $29.95 will be eligible for Altria’s Tier 3/P+ Program, presenting them with a unique value proposition without the need for additional costs.

“What sets NRS apart is our commitment to streamline the retail process. By managing the Altria Tier 3/P+ Program internally, we’re ensuring our retailers do not face the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors,” states Elie Y. Katz, CEO of National Retail Solutions. “Our goal is simple: Let our retailers focus on their business, and we’ll handle the complexities.”

The Altria DTP has a multi-tiered incentive structure, each offering escalating benefits to participating retailers. From ongoing incentives for each tobacco transaction to personalized offer targeting via ATC 21+ in Tier 3, the DTP promises to revolutionize how retailers engage with their tobacco consumers.

James Bleemer, Vice President of NRS Sales, comments, “The ability for our retailers to stack their incentive payments and promotions through Altria’s DTP is a game-changer. We’re talking about maximizing profits while delivering unparalleled customer experiences. It’s a win-win.”

As one of the few POS Systems offering this program, NRS empowers its retailers to extend more promotions to consumers and subsequently earn more from Altria. Once enrolled in Automatic Promotions and Tier 3 with Altria through NRS, retailers merely need to accept their monthly promotions, with NRS overseeing the rest.

Retailers interested in leveraging the immense potential of Altria’s DTP in association with NRS are encouraged to reach out for more details.

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Media Contact: Marko Georgiev
National Retail Solutions (NRS)
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