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You’ve experienced the helpfulness & reliability of the NRS POS+ system and NRS PAY. Now, get rewarded for helping other merchants make more money through our POS system, or save more money with NRS PAY.
Earn up to $150 for referring National Retail Solutions to a local business.

Earn up to $150 for helping a local business make more money!

Referring a business is simple:

  1. Complete this form with the name and contact information for the business you want to refer. Make sure to include your information, so that you’ll get the credit.
  2. After you fill out the form, we will get in touch with the business you are recommending and speak with them about the advantages of our POS and/or NRS PAY.
  3. If our solutions are a fit for the business’ needs, we will have someone come in and install their new point of sale (POS) system or NRS PAY Merchant Service Reader.
  4. After the business has the POS for ninety days, you’ll get your gift card for $100!
    After the business has been processing with NRS PAY for more than ninety days, you’ll get your gift card for $50

Refer as many businesses as you’d like – NO LIMIT!

  • IMPORTANT: In order to be eligible to receive your gift card, this field must be filled out carefully. Your name, phone, email, street address, city, state and zip code MUST BE ACCURATE AND MATCH POSTAL RECORDS, OR YOUR GIFT CARD MAY NOT ARRIVE. Your phone number, as submitted on this form, will be required for validation and activation of your gift card. If this is a business, your store name must appear in the address field.

    IMPORTANTE: Para poder recibir su tarjeta de regalo, este campo debe completarse con cuidado. Su nombre, teléfono, correo electrónico, dirección postal, ciudad, estado y código postal DEBEN SER EXACTOS Y COMPATIBLES CON LOS REGISTROS POSTALES, O SU TARJETA DE REGALO NO PUEDE LLEGAR. Se requerirá su número de teléfono, tal como se presenta en este formulario, para la validación y activación de su tarjeta de regalo. Si este es un negocio, el nombre de su tienda debe aparecer en la linea de la direccion.
  • Your Info

  • Enter Your Address

    NOTE: Please add the NAME OF THE BUSINESS on Address Line 2, If you are entering a business address.

    Referred Business Info

Become an Ambassador and
Make Money While You Shop

Partner with National Retail Solutions and earn extra income while shopping at your favorite local businesses.

Become An Ambassador

Earn Money For Referring Agents/Distributors

Know someone who would like to sell our POS System and/or merchant services? Let us know.

Refer a Distributor

National Retail Solutions
Referral Program


SUMMARY.  National Retail Solution (“NRS”) has instituted a referral program (the “Program”) whereby a person can earn (a) $100 gift card each time he/she refers a retailer to NRS and that referred retailer purchases an NRS POS system and/or (b) a $50 gift card each time he/she refers a retailer to NRS Pay and that retailer signs up and is approved for NRS Pay merchant services.  Each of the gift cards is referred to as a “Gift.”


CONDITIONS FOR POS REFERRAL.  In order to be eligible to receive the applicable Gift for a NRS POS system referral, the referring person (the “Inviter”) must (1) go to and fill out the form with the name and contact information for the retailer/business the Inviter wishes to refer (the “Business”) and (2) the Business must purchase a POS system in full from NRS, sign an Equipment Agreement with NRS and keep the POS system for at least ninety (90) days after installation.  Subject to these terms, if the foregoing two conditions are met, then the Inviter will receive the applicable Gift from NRS within 45 days of the conditions being met. 


CONDITIONS FOR NRS PAY REFERRAL.  In order to be eligible to receive the applicable Gift for an NRS Pay referral, the Inviter must (1) go and fill out the form with the name and contact information for the Business, (2) the Business must sign up for and be approved for NRS Pay merchant services and (3) the Business must process transactions with NRS Pay for at least ninety (90) days.  Subject to these terms, if the foregoing three conditions are met, then the Inviter will receive the applicable Gift from NRS within 45 days of the conditions being met.


GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR ALL REFERRALS.  Existing NRS customers, as well as their immediate family members, and those that have previously purchased a POS system or NRS Pay merchant services cannot be referred under this Program.  In addition, employees of NRS and their immediate family members are not eligible.  There is no limit on the number of referrals that an Inviter can make under the Program or the number of Gifts that an Inviter can receive, subject to these terms.  All referrals must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the NRS sales agent submitting the specific application for the purchase/sign-up by the Business.  Any eligible Inviter may refer a Business.  If a Business is referred by more than one Inviter then the Inviter who inputted the Business’s contact information at first will be eligible for the Gift.  The Gift may be subject to terms provided by the issuer.


GENERAL.  The Program and any Gift awarded are subject to these terms and conditions.  NRS reserves the right to change the Program, these terms, and/or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice.  All changes to the Program or these terms will be posted on at  Gifts may not be pooled or combined with any other customer’s Gifts and may not be transferred to another customer’s account.  NRS reserves the right to terminate a customer’s right to participate in the Program at any time if the customer violates these terms or otherwise tampers or interferes with the Program or any other NRS customer.  Termination of a customer’s participation will result in a loss of all accumulated Gifts and any other Program benefits.  All decisions of NRS regarding the Program and these terms are final and binding on all Program participants. NRS will not be responsible for undeliverable or unredeemable Gifts due to inaccurate or insufficient address or contact information submitted by the Inviter.

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