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POS System Software

The NRS POS+ includes point of sale software that controls the system’s hardware. POS system software makes the difference between a complete business management tool like the NRS POS+ and a typical cash register. Find out more about how the powerful POS+ software can help you manage your business for success.

Elmer Software

Every POS+ system runs on Elmer software, which comes with many tools that can help you manage your business. Your system connects to the Internet so we can take care of software maintenance for you. An Internet connection lets us give you fast support and update your POS+ for you. Our team of software engineers works hard to create frequent software updates that make the POS+ even better. You don’t have to worry about the technical parts — we’ll take care of them for you.

Digital Cash Register

Press a few easy-to-understand buttons on the touch screen to add up your customers’ purchases. The system quickly adds each item’s price and gives you a total that includes any taxes or discounts. You can even put orders on hold to keep the line moving until the customer is ready. Your average check-out time will become much faster.

Store Statistics

Every transaction that goes through the POS+ is accurately tracked. You can create sales reports by date range that show important statistics about sales activity in your store. Learn which items are selling the fastest and which items are not moving fast enough. Utilizing your shelf space for the best-selling items is important!
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User Management

Give your employees access to use only the features you want. For example, your cashier might not need to know about your sales reports or inventory. You can permit them to only use the program tools required for their job. Avoid privacy problems or accidents that waste time and money.
More Than a Basic Cash Register

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tools let you know when to reorder important products. Choose items that you want to track, and the Inventory screen will notify you when you should order a product either soon or right away. When you take advantage of this feature, you get to focus on reorders only when you need them.


Keep all your item prices in one place, including branded products and in-store items. The Pricebook allows you to sort products by departments, assign a promotion to an item, and edit fees, taxes and descriptions for every product. Every system comes with thousands of products programmed so that you can spend less time adding them.

Vendor Payments

Keep a list of every vendor you work with, and record your payments to them. Every time you add a new vendor transaction, the connected printer will create a receipt. Manage your vendor relationships in just a few clicks.

Store Promotions

Enter your store’s discounts and promotions into the POS+, and the software will automatically add them during checkout. That way, you don’t have to do the extra math to add discounts yourself. You can even see pre-selected monthly promotions that can be offered to your customers via the BR Club Loyalty Program.
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The All-in-One POS System

Our complete POS+ comes with the best POS system software to compete with big chain stores. We designed the software to help you understand it, even if you don’t know much about technology. You don’t have to get an expensive system or a technology team to keep up with the market. Buy our system today to take advantage of all these features, or request a quote for more information.
All-In-One POS

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The features available on our touch screens are just one of the many ways the POS+ system helps your business grow.Ask for a quote to learn how much our systems cost.Buy now to get a competitive advantage in your market.

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