NRS Pay Frequently Asked Questions

We do NOT generally buy out contracts but under special circumstances, we may. NRS PAY does not have a long-term contract. There is no cancellation fee and equipment is FREE. Using NRS PAY until the other contract is over, may actually save you enough that it pays off your other contract.
Standard Plan fee is 2.49% + .10¢ + $10/mo. • FeeBU$TER is $49.95/mo. (fee waived with $18K processing or over). No application fee, free equipment, no locked-in contract. To protect equipment, there is optional terminal assurance for $6.95/mo. (Free Terminal Replacements).
Yes, you pay only for the NRS PAY service – there are no extra charges or fees to connect NRS PAY to your POS.
Yes, it’s called TPPI, Third Party Processing Integration. It’s $29.95/mo. per location, to connect other processors with our POS.
NRS PAY is our own card processing service, which offers you a one-stop-shop experience with our POS at no charge to plug NRS PAY into your NRS POS. Many companies do not allow you to use any outside processing service. We built our software to support outside processors and continue to offer you flexibility for a fee. We want you to be comfortable so we offer the TPPI option. The fee is $29.95/mo. per location.
If you have a second NRS POS, we will provide you a second FREE Pax S300 unit for your second POS. (If your second unit is not an NRS POS, you’ll need to verify if you can bring NRS PAY to the POS. If yes, we will provide a second Pax.)
For the Pax S80, we provide you paper free of charge. Call Support 800-215-0931 to request more paper for your Pax S80.
800-215-0931 — Monday – Friday 8am-12am EST / Saturday – Sunday 8am-10pm EST
Yes, next business day funding; as long as the transaction is batched out by 10pm EST.
If we receive all the necessary information, voided check and all documentation completed, we usually get you approved within 24-48 hours (approx. 2 business days).
AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, all PIN Debit & EBT
When you sign up for NRS PAY, you’ll be sent a specially-calibrated Pax S300 (for your NRS POS) or Pax S80 reader (if you’re not using the NRS POS), depending on your business needs.
Online requires entering a pin. Offline requires no pin.
Similar! FeeBU$TER is $49.95/mo. The customer gets charged a small surcharge for using a credit card, and the retailer does not pay any transaction processing fee. If the customer pays in cash, the surcharge is waived (known in the industry as a “cash discount program”). If you process over $18K/mo., the monthly $49.95 fee is waived.
You need a Social Security Number (SSN) or an ITIN. You need a TAX ID# only if the business is a corporation.
Yes — We run a soft credit check to verify identity.
We have a terminal assurance program for $6.95/mo. for a free replacement with overnight shipping. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a new one from NRS PAY for $350.
You can provide us statements and we will analyze your rates and figure out the best plan for you. You may be eligible for a custom rate. (Keep in mind, you may pay more with us per transaction, but you won’t have nasty surprises with us dipping into your account and unexpectedly withdrawing money.)
Next business day delivery before 2pm EST – overnight across the US.
Industry regulations do not currently allow us to process for marijuana (and related industry) retailers. This could change soon.
You can cancel the service any time, with no early termination fee. You’ll need to return the Pax unit to us, or you can keep it and pay $350.
NRS PAY can be approved for any kind of business; store, online or on-the-go. There are, however, some prohibited industries (such as marijuana). Contact us for details.
Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. If it’s a new business, a license is recommended but is not a requirement.
It doesn’t matter. We do not check your credit.
YES! Using a special dongle you plug into your phone or tablet, you can accept credit cards anywhere you go, even without the card reader.
No, we give it to you for free! When you sign up, we calibrate the reader just for you.
Next business day after your customer pays with a card, the money goes into your bank account.
If you qualify, you may be able to obtain a cash advance or business loan. Please contact us for details.
Either by mail, email or via our online portal.
Send us a voided check or a bank letter from the new account and we’ll update it for you. This takes 3-5 business days.
A merchant is an individual or a company that is selling goods and/or services at a physical location or online.
Yes, we send out a monthly statement.
Discount Rate is another term for the 2.49% that we assess as a fee.
24-48 hours (approx. 2 business days).
No. We keep it simple for you. One account will cover your whole location.
EMV is what is commonly known as a ‘Chip’ on your credit card. For security reasons, the industry has shifted away from swiping cards, to inserting a ‘Chip’ instead.
We can include it upon request at NO CHARGE.
We want you to feel very comfortable with our services and this includes keeping our statements simple and clearcut. If you ever have any questions, Customer Support is an easy phone call away.
All refunds to a merchant will show up on the next month’s statement. (The request needs to be submitted by the 20th of the month.)
You can change from month to month. The request needs to be submitted before the 15th of the month to be set up to begin on the following month.”