Get ERC Money!

If your business suffered due to Covid-19 or has been impacted by recent events, you may be eligible for a government grant.

You don’t have
to repay it.

100% your money!

How do you know if your
business is eligible?

Even if your business did not have a revenue reduction or was deemed essential…

You can still qualify for ERC!

Your business could get up to

$8,000 – $26,000 per employee

in Employee Retention Credit (ERC),
even if you received PPP loans.

To get started, complete a simple
application HERE

*An Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a fully refundable tax credit for eligable employers who meet certain requirements pursuant to Federal law and IRS regulations. All decisions regarding ERC are made by the Federal government and the IRS. NRS Funding is not responsible for decision granting or denying ERC or for any error made by a merchant in applying for ERC.